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15 Impressive Facts about Conversion Optimization


Conversion optimization is the second part of the Fluid Edge, after performance optimization. We have recently been doing a lot of work and research about conversion, and we feel that the statistics speak for themselves,


Here are the top 15 most impressive statistics regarding conversion optimization.


1  For every $92 spent on customers, less than 1% is spent on conversion[RK1] .

2  President Obama raised $60 million extra after going through A/B testing[RK2] .

3  85% more companies will place an emphasis on conversion optimization in the next year.

4  61% of companies run 5 or fewer landing page tests per month.

5  3 in 5 shoppers will bounce out of shopping carts prior to completing their purchase.

6  74% of companies have increased their budget dedicated to conversion since 2012.

7 Typical conversion rates are less than 3%.

8  Over 20% of businesses admit they don’t have a strategy in place to increase conversion.

9  8 seconds is all the time headlines have to make an impact.

10          75% of business say they struggle finding a reputable expert in conversion optimization.

11           Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

12           Using proper testing can increase conversion by up to 300%.

13           Google ran more than 7,000 A/B tests in 2011.

14           If a user reads your headlines, they are 90% more likely to read the text in your calls to action.

15           Making a site more simple can increase customer loyalty by up to 96%.


[RK1]It would be great if each line could have a superscript or something leading to a source.
[RK2]Was this during his campaign? If so, you might want to refer to him as Barack Obama, not President Obama.