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Change is Scary – But Profitable


Feeling frightened this Halloween?  As one of the newest members of the Fluid team, I too am scared. I’m faced with new people, new personalities and new assignments. As a newcomer, I am trying to keep up with the most talented conversion optimization team in the state. But rest assured I am capable because I subscribe to the rules that get results. You’ve read about them in our previous blog posts. But did you understand our message?

Like me, I thought I did. But I still had questions. So to help you (and me) I came up with the 5 most “convertible” questions that needed clarification – no matter how scary they were to ask.

Here are the questions I asked the team about conversion optimization.

1. How does change make a difference?

Most companies say, “I like what I have. I don’t know if change will make a difference.”

At Fluid we have proven that change, especially in placement of your call to action, is one of the most important factors for making a conversion. Left, right, center; does it matter? Yes! At Fluid we know where your visitors look, want to look, and should look.

Can we really know where your users are looking? Yes. We test and know. Don’t just take our word for it. Make us provide proof of our “opinions”. How will we do that? Ask us.

2. Why do I care?

You care because you concern yourself with return on investment. ROI is what you are judged on. You can be anyone from the decision maker to the intern. Either way, we will help you prove the value of your efforts. We do this with analytical and empirical data. Click on the conversion optimization white paper below for more information about our methodology.

3. How do I prove it?

Data. You’ve heard the term “big data”. We love it. It’s real. But what does it mean? It means using the Internet’s most advanced tools to show how users interact with your site. This tells you where and how your site converts, whether you consider conversions more leads, more contacts, or more revenue. Don’t know how to show it? Let us help.

4. Who needs to know?

Everyone. We all want to know we are moving the dial forward. Usually it’s our CEO, our supervisor, and ourselves. We need to see that positive changes are happening.  Fluid shows those results, reports those results and gives you ownership of those results so you know your decisions will make a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

5. When should I show it?

Frequently. Good or bad. Watch the data from Google Analytics, optimization reports, and A/B testing and take action. Fluid creates reports for our clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These reports show where changes should be made, what should stay the same, and – in some cases – how to reposition.

Changing things is hard to do. It’s the most frightening thing we can do. But if we don’t change we get left behind. Be fluid.

Fluid Advertising is in the business of getting you ahead, and keeping you there. Let us help you show that something scary can be profitable. Don’t jump because you want to – jump because you need to. Jump ahead of the competition by trusting Fluid to make the changes your company needs to be the leader in your industry.

We’re here when you need us. Don’t be scared to call.

Download the Conversion Optimization White Paper.