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Who We Are

Hi there. We’re a digital marketing, advertising and design agency that isn’t afraid to look for solutions in unexplored territory. We’re also dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between you and us. You benefit from our expertise, and when you succeed, we succeed. We believe it’s our destiny to present our clients to the world at their best.

We like to have fun. We know that not only can fun and hard work coexist, but also without one or the other we wither and dry up. We hope to inject a healthy amount of fun into our creative process, our final product, and our relationship with clients.


What We Do

We are in the business of finding creative solutions to problems. Our clients bring to us a problem—for example, how can they stand out in the changing landscape of the digital age?—and we put our brains together in search of the answer others haven’t thought of before.

We look at your business and develop a plan to lift your brand above the digital clutter, using our brains to outthink the competition instead of draining your wallet. We want to help you succeed on your own terms. We’re willing to do the research needed to get into the heads of your target demographic, and we keep you in the loop while we’re doing it.

The Team

Ryan Anderson

Creative Director | Partner

Phil Case

Managing Director | Partner

Steve Mac

Director of Business Development

Frank Imler


Jonathan Rodriguez

Digital Marketing Manager

Matt Nieuwland


Marianne Neff


Spencer Loveless


Jeff Dunn


Ryan Kunz


Adam Alexander

Digital Marketing

Matt Dignan

Sr. Web Developer

Spencer Merritt

That One Guy

Jessie Roberts

Account Manager

John Apgar

Account Manager

Brooke McBride

Administrative Assistant

Kelsey Kingdon

Business Development

Chelsea Markham

Design Intern

Brett Ferrin

Design Intern

Michael Gallagher

Account Coordinator

Company History

More than 15 years ago, Fluid began as a small creative boutique but we’ve quickly evolved into a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of advertising.