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Fluid is a Design, Strategy, Marketing, Branding + Social Media Agency.


You might suggest that advertising is like a form of mind control, except you don’t need to be born with mutant genes to harness it. But it’s not control, exactly. It’s more suggestion, telling people that together you can fulfill each other’s needs in a mutually beneficial arrangement if they do what you tell them. Advertising is a suggestion of symbiosis—you’re telling the rhinos that you could be the little birds that pick the bugs off of them, but only if they choose your brand of bird..…More +


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You’re probably more of an expert in graphic design than you think. Design is ubiquitous—you see it everywhere. You might choose one restaurant over the other because one looks newer and better managed, traits that can be conveyed by the typeface on the sign, the bright colors, and the aesthetic appeal of the building. You have an innate sense of what colors and imagery appeal to you, and that’s the core of design.…More +


The Fluid SEO team has been in the thick of the industry for five years, watching trends rise and fall. We’ve learned through trial and error what techniques work to help sites rank and what techniques cost money but yield no results. Those who’ve benefited from our work are as diverse as our skills. We’ve helped people from sporting goods stores to universities, from tiny mom-and-pop stores to…More +


In the Old West, ranchers began branding their cattle to tell the cows apart. You need a brand to let people know your brand’s territory, personality and mood. Branding is about molding your consumers’ perceptions of what you’re selling. It is about not only getting the target market to choose you over your competition, but also to get them to see you as…More +


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Digital Marketing

For decades, most advertising fell neatly into the categories of TV, radio, print and outdoor. Then along came the internet, followed rapidly by chat rooms, search engines, and social media. So began the digital age, changing the world of advertising forever. As a result, people are spending more and more time on their smartphones or tablets and interacting with…More +


You want to make sure your marketing dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. Well, there’s almost no better way than pay-per-click. With PPC, you pay the search engine a certain amount every time a consumer clicks on your ad. Those who are willing to pay a higher amount per click get more visibility. We can help you find a PPC rate that works for…More +

Social Media Marketing

As social media chats, shares and posts its way to the top of the Web, it presents itself as powerful system of tools for those who know how to work it. The people you want to reach are on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites, and each one of those presents different opportunities for marketing. But no single strategy is right for everyone, and you want one tailored to your business’s goals and ideas. We’re the ones…More +

Website Design

Fluid provides a experienced website design service that most companies can not. We know responsive SEO web design to fit any project. Fluid’s approach to website building is clean, cooperative, time-saving and cost-effective.

Media Buying

Simply put, strategy means knowing when and where to strike. That’s why it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan when it comes to media buying. We can help you figure out the best times and places to reach your target audience. That way you can.…More +

Search Advertising

If you own a sporting goods store, you want to show up when someone searches for hockey sticks. May we suggest search ads? These are simple, strategically placed text ads that appear in relevant search results. And drive new business to your website.

Contextual Advertising

The idea here is to have your ad appear in an appropriate context. For example, if you own a pharmacy, you want your advertising to show up on health blogs and websites. It’s another way we can make your online advertising more relevant and effective.


While it’s true that we love winning awards and getting accolades for our work, you can’t pay the bills by handing the utility company all of your trophies. We’re sure you appreciate looking like a million bucks, but what you’d really like is . . . well, a million bucks. In other words, what we really want to do for you is make your money. If you’re not making money, that hits us where it hurts, too. We’ll draw up a battle plan for your success, a strategy for conquering your competitors.