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Your product needs an identity.

Is it an elderly gentleman who drives a Bentley, goes golfing on the weekends, and gives a despairing sigh whenever he hears hip-hop? Is it a twenty-something guy with perpetual stubble, oversized glasses, and the latest iPhone, who quits listening to any band the moment the band goes mainstream? Or is it a mom of three small children who goes to work in a hospital every day, checking her Pinterest on her phone during breaks and wishing she could drop a few more pounds so she looks better in her yoga pants?

That personality is your brand. From the Old West to modern times, ranchers branded their cattle to let everyone on the range know just who owned them there cattle. You need a brand for your product to let people know what territory, what personality, what mood you own for that product. We’re glad to help.

Your brand is the full package—it’s everything people associate with your product or company. It’s the image that pops into people’s heads when they consider your product. Think of any product. What’s the brand that comes to mind? Apple conjures up a sleek, sophisticated feel, and its products look at home in the hands of young, hip consumers. Jones Soda is for the individual who wants to stand apart from the crowd. Every truck maker wants to bethe truck for the manliest of manly men.  What age should your product attract? What lifestyle should the people from your target market live? What’s the level of comfort with technology that people who buy your product should have? We’ll help you consider these questions and many others when we determine what makes up your brand.

In advertising, it’s crucial to find the universal need helped by your product. This is especially important when seeking the right brand. When you’ve settled on that, you can sell a lifestyle, not just a commodity. You’re not just selling an iPhone; you’re selling the right to be one of the trendy slice of the population. Likewise, you’re not just selling a Chevy truck; you’re selling the camaraderie, grit, and man points that come with owning a truck that could be driven through rivers of mud and used to pull out tree stumps at a moment’s notice. Your brand motivates the consumer by connecting emotionally. You build consumer loyalty by appealing to their core desires—your goal is to keep the people who buy your product. Your grandma probably has a brand of soap or washing machine she’s used for fifty years. If you can inspire that kind of loyalty, you’ve won a great part of the battle.

There’s more we will consider with you when building your brand. Branding allows companies to build their reputations. What does your company stand for? What values can you incorporate? How do you want people to view not just your product but your company in general?

Thus, branding is about molding your consumers’ perceptions. It’s not just about getting the target market to choose you over your competition but also to get them to see you as the only one that provides the right solution to their creative problem. Being the right solution means your message is clear. We won’t try to split your brand between two ideas; we’ll find one and zero on it. The right message is also credible. It’s got to be believable.

A well-designed brand is at the crux of any campaign. Every element of the campaign, from magazine ads to interactive media, should have a unifying look and feel.

And of course, there is only one good foundation on which to build a brand: we will do out homework. Research is indispensible to see what your target market values. We’ll find out what makes people tick, what they want from life, their habits, and their likes and dislikes.

Visual Identity

Your brand identity is nothing with a signature look. What colors, typefaces and other visual elements give your brand its personality? Name any major brand. Your brand doesn’t have to be in the lofty company of the brands you’re thinking of, but with our help you can command a visual identity that’s exclusively yours.


Visual identity is an important consideration as you start to think about the physical box or container your product’s going to come in. Luckily, our visual identity know-how goes far toward designing great packaging.

Marketing Campaign

Branding is a consideration as we plan your campaign. You want to align the brand essence with the goal of the marketing campaign. What’s the best way to get the audience and build a relationship with them? We’d love to tell you all about the strengths of our marketing campaign on our Strategy page.