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Digital Marketing

For decades, most advertising fell neatly into the categories of TV, radio, print and outdoor. Then along came the Internet, followed rapidly by chat rooms, search engines, and social media. So began the digital age, changing the world of advertising forever. As a result, today people are spending more and more time on their smartphones or tablets and interacting with brands in never-before-seen ways.

Fluid can help you reach consumers in this ever-evolving online marketplace. As you would expect, that includes tapping into the power of social media. To be clear, we’re not just talking about setting up a Facebook page or sending off tweets into the nethersphere. Most likely you already do that yourself. Instead our goal is to come up with fresh ideas that cut through the social media clutter, engage consumers, build brand awareness, and deliver results.

If you’ve researched digital marketing, you’ve probably heard of something called search engine optimization. Fortunately, SEO isn’t as confusing and complicated as it sounds. Basically, it means optimizing your website to rank higher, or get listed higher, in search engine results. And since Google has become a sort of new age phonebook, this service is increasingly important. With an experienced team of SEO experts, Fluid can help drive business to your website.

Digital Strategy

Our digital marketing strategy isn’t limited to old ways of communication. Paper has been a medium of choice for advertising for ages, but paper’s death knell has been sounded. We spend huge chunks of time on cell phones and computers—we’re moving away from paper newspapers, paper books, and paper magazines. We view content on phones, tablets, and e-readers. Even those traditional forms of advertising not confined to paper are losing their effectiveness. We’re hit by so much information every day that we’ve learned to tune out much of messaging we get. The world is changing.

Digital marketing, then, is the way to go. Instead of relying on dying media, we harness the new media: computers, smartphones, social networks, and everything that goes with them. How can you spread your message across the digital world? Many brands have found success with viral videos, posted on YouTube or other video-sharing sites. Some innovators have created advertisements that masquerade as games, allowing consumers to enjoy advertising instead of being force-fed marketing messages. Businesses have created apps so customers can order online, find restaurant locations, or learn about new deals. And because just about everyone is on social networking sites, you must get your brand or business a Facebook page.

Have you decided yet how to harness the digital world for your brand’s benefit? Getting skilled professionals on board to help with technology and strategy will further take you in the right direction.

Content Strategy

Content marketing is the delivery of consistent, quality information to customers to build loyalty in hopes that customers will return with their business. Original, engaging content builds trust with customers and raises your site’s rank in search engines. This type of marketing is effective in an arena where customers are suspicious of traditional marketing gimmicks. Feeding the customers content—and not just any content, but good content—builds trust. The information people are looking for, when they’re looking for it, works well with searches as well, because search engines value good content when compiling rankings.

We will help you provide quality content as part of our content marketing strategy. We do our research as to what people are looking for online. We talk to potential customers to get their questions so you can answer them and look good. We figure out what customers want and make sure it’s presented on your website in a compelling, easy to read, informative format. Not only will we create the information, but we’ll also make sure it’s shareable and accessible through the many channels online. It’s one thing to produce content, but you also have to put it in people’s hands. That’s what we’re all about.