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You want to make sure your marketing dollars are spent efficiently and effectively. Well there’s almost no better way than pay-per-click. With PPC, you pay the search engine a certain amount every time a consumer clicks on your ad. Those who are willing to pay a higher amount per click get more visibility. We can help you find a PPC rate that works for your needs and goals.

Keyword Research

No good SEO agency skimps on research. We study your target market to pick out the keywords your target audience favors when searching for your products or services. We determine these keywords based on search frequency and relevance to your website. If you’re selling pet supplies, what is it that pet supply seekers are looking for? If it’s “dog food,” you need “dog food” to appear on your site. Same with “cat food,” or “pet leash,” or “tarantula groomer,” or whatever draws people to pet supply stores. When we study your target demographic, we’ll know what they want even before they do, and we’ll help you be ready when they come.

We know the importance of relevance. Getting the right keyword will get you the right kind of visitors to your site, the kind that are most likely to do what you want them to do: buy your product.

Competitive Analysis

They say a key to winning any battle is to know your enemy. To come out victorious in the highly competitive Internet marketplace, you should know your competition. Other companies are analyzing the same keywords to take the spots you want on the search results page. Our team can scrutinize what the competition is doing, and we will figure out what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead.

Search Advertising

If you own a sporting goods store, you want to show up when someone searches for hockey sticks. May we suggest search ads? These are simple, strategically placed text ads that appear in relevant search results. And drive new business to your website.

Contextual Advertising

The idea here is to have your ad appear in an appropriate context. For example, if you own a pharmacy, you want your advertising to show up on health blogs and websites. It’s another way we can make your online advertising more relevant and effective.

Web Analytics

It’s good to have traffic on your website. It’s even better to be able to track that activity. Fluid can give you detailed reports about who’s coming to your site and where they’re spending their time. Then we can tweak it to make it as user friendly and profitable as possible.