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The Fluid search engine optimization team has been in the thick of the industry for five years, watching trends rise and fall. Our Utah SEO company has learned through trial and error what techniques work to help sites rank and what techniques cost money but yield no results. Those who’ve benefited from our work are as diverse as our skills. As an experienced SEO service company our team has helped people from sporting goods stores to universities, from tiny mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 companies. Our work hasn’t been confined to SEO in Utah, of course; people around the country can thank us for what we’ve done for them. When you partner with Fluid, you’ll get a customized strategy that’s unique for your website and your search result. We’ll explain our ideas and report our results to you to help you achieve your online goals, helping you take advantage of our experience, customer service skills and unique strategies.

Small Business SEO

Search engine optimization isn’t just for the big companies. People look online for nearly everything, from flower shops to pharmacies. Hoping to get found somewhere other than the internet is like waiting to get asked to dance while hiding in the bathroom. If you want to be the belle of the ball, you’ve got to put yourself out there.

Small businesses hoping to get noticed on the Web should see to it that their sites are attractive to both human beings and search engines. You may know what people want, but appealing to the esoteric brains of search engines is more difficult. Fluid, as a topnotch SEO services firm, speaks the search engines’ language and can be your guide through that technological realm.

You can compete with larger companies by producing quality content. No matter how vast a company’s holdings, it does not have a monopoly on creativity and writing skill. We have writers with both technical know-how and creative flair who can crank out the content you need to keep people coming to your site. As potential customers search online for the right business, you want to be the one they find. We want the same thing. We will craft a customized SEO strategy to assure that potential customers find your site on search engines.

Keyword Research

No good SEO service company skimps on research. We study your target market to pick out the keywords your target audience favors when searching for your products or services. We determine these keywords based on search frequency and relevance to your website. If you’re selling pet supplies, what is it that pet supply seekers are looking for? If it’s “dog food,” you need “dog food” to appear on your site. Same with “cat food,” or “pet leash,” or “tarantula groomer,” or whatever draws people to pet supply stores. When we study your target demographic, we’ll know what they want even before they do, and we’ll help you be ready when they come.

We know the importance of relevance. Getting the right keyword will get you the right kind of visitors to your site, the kind that are most likely to do what you want them to do: buy your product.

Site Optimization

Content is one of the largest single contributors to your success. We can optimize your site by making sure it’s a consistent source of good content. If your customers can count on you to deliver quality information, they’re more likely to keep coming back to you, eventually buying what you want them to buy. Original, engaging content builds trust with customers, who are often suspicious of traditional marketing gimmicks. That trust is important and raises your site’s rank in search engines, which are smarter than you might think. The information people are looking for, when they’re looking for it, works well with searches because search engines value good content when compiling rankings.

We’ll come up with a custom content advertising strategy that will increase your bottom line by engaging your customers with relevant information they’re looking for. Not only will we create the information, but we’ll also make sure it’s shareable and accessible online. It’s one thing to produce content, but you also have to put it in people’s hands. We’ll find ways to get your content into the hands that need it.

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Local Search Optimization

When people add a location to a search, the location becomes a modifier keyword. Search engines respond to local searches by looking up geographic databases of business listings with contact information. These listings contain the keys to getting your business to come up when people type your keywords into their search bars.

As a SEO service company, we will help you edit your listings, assure that your business info is displayed clearly on your site, and see that your domain name includes a registered address, among other nifty tricks. You may already be a valued part of your community, but with our help, you can extend that value online.

If you’re in Utah, looking for SEO firms from your neck of the woods, rest assured that not only do we understand the mechanics of site optimization, but we also belong to the same close-knit local family as you. Any SEO firm worth its salt should understand not only the technical aspects of the business but also the importance of the people in the area. Your hunt for SEO for local search optimization should end with us.

Link Building

Nobody likes a room with no doors. The question such a room prompts, other than why in the world the builder thought it was a good idea, is how you get in. Similarly, a site nobody links to has limited access. Links aren’t everything, but search engine algorithms do take into account how many pages link to your site. Just as associating with important friends tends to raise your social standing, having your site linked to other credible sites helps dismiss any doubts people might have about your product. Earning links from trusted domains like universities, government agencies and non-profits can increase your search ranking.

It’s also important to be linked to continually, as opposed to gaining a large volume of links early on and then stagnating. Search engines use the “freshness” of your links to gauge relevance. If your links are shared on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, search engines don’t count it the same as linking, but they do take shares for your site into account, so don’t overlook the importance of integrating your brand with the social scene.

In addition, the links you share on your site add up in your search engine optimization rankings. If you link to credible sites, your ranking is likely to increase. In other words, using relevant anchor text will further make SEO services work for you.

Competitive Analysis

They say a key to winning any battle is to know your enemy. To come out victorious in the highly competitive internet marketplace, you should know your competition. Other search engine optimization firms are analyzing the same keywords to take the spots you want on the search results page. Our SEO services firm can scrutinize what the competition is doing and will figure out what it takes to get ahead.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion transforms a faceless internet surfer to a customer. It’s the action you want a user to take after he or she sees your site. And it’s all about getting the user to have an experience that drives him or her to take the action you desire. Maybe you want him to buy your product, or maybe you’re just encouraging her to share a link. Conversion time is how long it takes the user to take that action. We know what prompts a person to take action, and we will share that information with you.

Video SEO

Video takes less effort to digest than the written word, carries more emotional weight and can be shared nearly as easily with modern technology. People often forego TV to watch video online, and they pull out their smartphones to capture videos. They sit for hours watching viral videos or learning new skills on YouTube. Social networking sites pop up, offering new ways to share footage of yourself. If video fits with your strategy, we’ll use our SEO services to help you exploit its capabilities for your financial gain, adding variety or entertainment value to your advertising campaign.