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You might suggest that advertising is a bit like a form of mind control, except you don’t need to be born with mutant genes to harness it. But it’s not control, exactly. It’s more suggestion, telling people that together you can fulfill each other’s needs in a mutually beneficial arrangement if they do what you tell them. Advertising is a suggestion of symbiosis—you’re telling the rhinos that you could be the little birds that pick the bugs off of them, but only if they choose your brand of bird.

Thus, advertising doesn’t even have to sell anything. It could simply persuade people to take a certain action: Save the whales. Give blood. Eat your veggies. On its most basic level, advertising includes the “Employees please wash hands” sign in the bathroom, or even a stop sign, each of which is meant to get people to do something its creators desire.

You have a problem—you need to tell people about your product. Or you need to move your stuff off the shelves. Or you need to remind people your business still exists. Or boost morale within you company, or tell kids to stay off drugs, or warn people that trespassers will be shot. How do you do it?

We will find your answer. We think of your business challenges as creative problems we have to solve. Say hello to advertising.


Every newspaper and magazine in the world is chock-full of advertising. So it will take something truly exceptional to break through, catch the eye and capture the imagination. The same goes for posters, direct mail and all other forms of print advertising. That’s where Fluid comes in. We’re well versed in creating persuasive print advertising that gets noticed and gets results.


Among all the advertising mediums, TV is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive impression. It’s also one of the hardest to pull off. Fluid can guide you through the entire process, from concept inception and script writing to casting, directing and postproduction. Our whole focus is creating amazing work to harness the power of this impactful medium.


It’s been said that radio is the “theater of the mind.” That’s because, unlike other advertising mediums, it has no visual elements. In order to break through, radio can’t just be words. It has to stir emotions and paint a mental picture. Admittedly it’s no easy task. But Fluid has the experience, conceptual ability and determination to make it happen.


The world is a much different place than it was even 20 years ago. However, our research indicates that people are still driving. Which means that advertising on billboards is still a great way to reach consumers and build your brand. The whole trick is coming up with an idea that communicates quickly. After all, drivers will only have a few seconds to process the message. Fluid can help you create engaging and effective billboards that will stand out in what has become a rather crowded skyline. That is, until someone figures out how to teleport.